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Items to Check before a Home Inspection

Selling a home can be a stressful time, there is so much to think about; keeping thehome clean, heading out on a moment’s notice to accommodate last minute showings,not to mention planning a move. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed.Then you get that great offer and enter escrow. You’re relieved until you realize there’sa home inspection coming. Even a home meticulously maintained can have hiddenissues. The good news is that you can prepare for the home inspection and make sureyou pass with flying colors.Items to Check...


8 Things Buyers Notice as Soon as they Walk In

Buyers notice everything – good and bad. From the moment they walk in the front door, they are trying to determine if this is the right home for them and their family. If you have your home listed for sale, paying attention to what the buyers notice can mean the difference between an offer and a missed opportunity.8 Things Buyers Notice as Soon as they Walk In1. Light – A bright home is inviting. Make sure you fill your home with lots of natural light...

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Mediterra Market Report | March 2019

The sales noted are closed sales on the months of December of 2018, and January and February of 2019.  In March, we continued to see sales with 8 closed sales and 9 pending sales in Mediterra.  Grey Oaks experienced a higher sales trend with less listing and 13 pending sales, which Quail West, which is experiencing more of a balanced market in the previous three months, only had one pending sale.Learn more about the Mediterra and general Naples real estate market for the period March 1,...

House for Sale!

Naples Luxury Market Report – March 2019

Provided through affiliation with the Luxury Institute of Marketing, this provided a current market snapshot of the Naples Luxury Market with a benchmark of $895,000.  ...


The Internet Can’t Replace Your Agent

We live in the information age; the Internet offers advice on every topic and real estate is no exception. With more and more home buyers starting their home search online, they are bombarded with advice and information – it can be easy to think that you can learn everything you need to know just by reading articles online. The truth is your real estate agent does much more than answer your questions and open doors with a special key. A professional real estate agent will...